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14 - Jul - 2016

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA) is a partner of Tawasol centres. MOWA benefits from the inclusive governance structure established by Tawasol centres, which comprise over 250 women’s organizations, as it contributes to informed and inclusive policy-making processes. At the same time, the organizations part of the Tawasol centres take advantage of a direct link with the Institutions to ensure advocacy and to influence policy-making processes. Moreover, since 2011, MOWA, in partnership with the 11 Governorates of the West Bank, provided the Tawasol with an extensive training programme that has been implemented in cooperation with universities and research centres, NGOs and Ministries. Reflecting the two main axes of the programme, economic empowerment of women and combating gender violence, the training was aimed at creating professional skills for work and developing competencies for the creation of small and medium enterprises and, in parallel, working on the integration of female victims of violence into society and the labor market.

The Office of the Governorates’ Affairs is the institutional structure that encloses and guides the Tawasol centres, as they are established in the 11 Governorates of the West Bank and they are managed by the directors  of the "Departments for women and children" of the Governorates.

In its function as executive political body of Palestine, the Council of Ministers can issue decrees related to Tawasol centres matters, such as the one that established the National Steering Committee in July 2015[R1] .

The Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) is another institutional partner of the Tawasol centres. This partnership aims at fostering networking between the Ministry and the Tawasol organizations.