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Welod Programme



Launched in 2009, the Women’s Empowerment and Local Development programme is part of the Italian government’s support to the Palestinian Authority’s development priorities and key sectors as outlined in the Palestinian National Development Plans 2014-2016, the Cross-Sectoral National Gender Strategy 2014-2016 and the National Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women 2011-2019.


Within the wider framework of international development and improving on previous Italian government support for Palestinian women’s empowerment, WELOD programme intends to strengthen the role of the Palestinian government and civil society organizations by promoting economic, social and cultural empowerment of Palestinian women through capacity development and through the creation of women’s empowerment centres (Tawasol) in every West Bank governorate.


This initiative offers support to the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) through technical assistance in the development of policies related to the local Tawasol centres, with the aim of enhancing the referral framework for the socio-economic empowerment of Palestinian women through capacity development and institutional building at both local and regional levels.