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Welod Programme

Welod 2

14 - Jul - 2016

Welod 2

Started in February 2013, the phase 2 of the WELOD programme aims to support the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the eleven West Bank governorates in the institutional strengthening of the eleven women’s empowerment centres (Tawasol), created during the first phase of WELOD programme.

In line with the national sectoral strategies (Cross-Sectoral National Gender Strategy 2014-2016 and Nation

al Strategy to Combat Violence Against Women 2011-2019), the programme intends to promote the socio-economic empowerment of Palestinian women and the improvement of anti-violence services. Starting from the results obtained in the first phase, the WELOD 2 concentrates on the creation of orientation points for employment and for services fighting against gender violence and promoting the reintegration into society of women victims of violence.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the eleven Governorates of the West Bank are the institutional counterparts to whom the activities of institution building, gender budgeting, gender auditing and gender accountability are targeted. More than 200 women’s organizations and local institutions part of Tawasol centres are the beneficiaries of the services provided for job orientation and for violence prevention.

An outstanding achievement of the WELOD 2 programme is the drafting and signing of the “Charter on Violence against Women”, which is the first document of this kind in Palestine and it represents the eleven Governorates’ commitment to stop violence against women.

The Charter highlights the real need and requests of women and men in Palestine committed in the fight against gender violence that caused 20 femicides in 2015.

The 10 principles enshrined in the Charter represent the outcome of a series of workshops conducted in the Tawasol centres within the WELOD 2 programme. The workshops involved more than 200 women’s organizations and local and central public institutions.